Squab & Duck 鴿鴨類

(03) Braised Duck With Mix Vegetables (Half)
$14.95 ORDER
(04)Braised Duck With Eight Gems(Half)
$16.95 ORDER
(04)Braised Duck With Eight Gems(Whole)
$29.95 ORDER
(03)Braised Duck With Mix Vegetables(Whole)
$27.95 ORDER
Crispy Braised Squab
$19.00 ORDER
(01) Sauteed Duck Chin with Maggie Sauce
$12.95 ORDER
(02)Crispy Roast Duck(Half)
$14.95 ORDER
(02)Crispy Roast Duck(Whole)
$27.95 ORDER
(07)Pan Fried Minced Squab With Lettuce
$18.00 ORDER
(05)Roasted Peking Duck(Whole)
$32.00 ORDER
(06)Soy Sauce Squab
$19.00 ORDER